Terms Of Use
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Short summary of the Website rules.

1. Post in English only.
2. Be professional. Aim for good quality in questions and discussions. For sharing code use nopaste service.
3. Publish only PHP and web-centric development related topics.
4. Don’t share personal data.
5. Be nice and respectful to others.

The Full Version Preamble This document defines the Code of Conduct (from now on called: CoC) of the international PHP Facebook Group (from now on called: the group) and its environments. You accept the given rules of this CoC when joining our group or participating on our repositories. You must follow this CoC, any violation results in the temporary or permanent removal of your membership(s). This CoC counts for everyone, administrators and regular members. The content of this CoC is not open for discussion.

The following rules are mandatory to participate in group and all repositories: Content Localization

Anything published on the timeline of the group must be in English. Members of the group are located all over the world. The language of the group has been standardized to English to guarantee painless communication. Attached shares localized into other languages will be removed without further notice. Posted content that is localized in other languages and that does not count as a regular Facebook share will be removed and topic author will be temporary removed from the group.

Commits sent to our repositories must be localized in English. Commits that are not localized in English will be rejected. Issues must be localized in English. Issues that are not localized in English will be closed without any investigation. Content Quality

Shares and posts to the timeline must have a regular level of quality. Questions must be researched before being posted. The group acts as a group to help on specific problems, not to read out documentations or querying the web for you. You must avoid posting large code snippets pasted on the timeline of the group. We always recommend to share source code using nopaste service to grant the best possible readability. Large source codes posted on the timeline are difficult to read, because of the limited space on Facebook. Topics with large source codes as its content will be removed from the timeline of the group. Comments with large source codes as its content will be removed from the content stream. Repeated post of large source codes are punished with a permanent removal of the membership(s).

Commits sent to our repositories must be fully researched and localized into English. There is no place for low quality content. Low quality content include topics with only code without a proper description of the problem, unclear photos of screens that are hard to read and job opportunity shares that don’t have a proper introduction.

Forbidden Content

It is not allowed to post content that does not cover PHP and web-centric development. Any violation of this rule will result in permanent removal of the membership. Content that violates the Facebook community rules will be forwarded to the Facebook staff.

Job opportunities must be PHP related and should be done in a peaceful period. Do not post your stuff every day or every hour. Our group aims to discussions and should not act as a job feed. Any other opportunities will be removed.

Humor and sarcasm are not encouraged because they can have different points of reference among users.

Personal data (emails, phone numbers, WhatsApp numbers, Skype identities or addresses in general) are explicitly not allowed in the group and will end in any case with a permanent removal of your membership(s).

Hijacking topics is not allowed. This either includes offtopic advertisements in comments or commenting in a way that should be done by starting a new conversation.

Exploits and hacks will be deleted and will end with a permanent removal of your membership(s).

You must respect licenses and other people’s work. To use other people’s code, text, themes, designs and similar intellectual property, please consult with the owners and the given licenses. Reports to the original authors will be also made for further investigation based on the harm done. Copyright infringements end with a permanent removal of your membership and topic deletion.

Committing any kind of the described forbidden content to our repository will be rejected and your behavior will be alerted to the GitHub staff.

Security issues are examined and treated accordingly to the severity of the situation. If the issue is severe the topic is removed from the public discussion to prevent further possible damage. Project owners are notified about it and are given time to fix it.

Social Behavior

You have to act social. There is no place for harassments, bulling or political content that does not cover web development topics. You should never compromise or harm other members. Violating this rule will result in a permanent removal of the membership(s).

Discrimination is not acceptable. Discrimination on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, nationality, religion, technology and any other arbitrary exclusion of a group of people is unwelcome. The use of sexualized language or imagery and unwelcome sexual attention or advances is not acceptable.

You have to act peaceful. There is no place for terrorism, recruitment shares and social honeypots. We actively track group content and will forward such content directly to Facebook and international authorities. Our main duty is to protect our members.

Handle your posts accordingly to the situation. Don’t delete your topics once solutions were provided. Respect time of others willing to help you. Leaving topics available in the group might also help someone as you in the future. Topics are also visible in group search and therefore available for people looking for existing solutions.

Disrespecting Staff Members

Insults, not following the instructions and similar disrespecting of the group administrators and moderators result in a permanent ban.

Blocking staff members makes communication with you impossible. We must be able to communicate with you to resolve issues, explain certain situation and give you further instruction about posts. In such cases the other staff members may ask you to remove the block, otherwise your membership ends in a permanent ban.

Dear user, If you don't log on your account in 3 month, then your account will be automatically suspended. Don't spam here, If we get any surprise activities or report then immediately we has been blocked your account..

If your account was suspended by mistakes then immediately contact us. Before contact us, make you sure your account wasn't blocked for spamming? If your account has been blocked for invalid or adult post, then we don't response your application.